Central City Transport Projects

Latest update: 13/02/2018

Temporary closures coming for major central city streets – expect delays.

February 2018

Three major central city intersections will be rebuilt over six weekends, half an intersection at a time.

Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive Albert Brantley says taking advantage of the warm nights and doing the work over weekends with fast setting asphalt will reduce the impact it has on traffic.

“We are working on weekends to minimise disruptions. If it was done during normal working hours each section would take 2 to 3 weeks to complete. This way daily commuters will be unaffected.”

Half of each intersection can be done in one weekend so each intersection will take two weekends to complete. The first weekend will see the north side of the Montreal/Tuam Street intersection rebuilt between 8pm Friday 16 February and 6am Monday 19 February. The southern side will be done the following weekend.

Subject to weather work will happen as follows:

• Montreal/Tuam St intersection – Northern half -16 – 19 February.
• Montreal/Tuam St intersection – Southern half - 23 – 26 February.
• Durham/Tuam St intersection – Northern half - 2 – 5 March.
• Antigua/St Asaph St intersection – Western half - 9 – 12 March.
• Durham/Tuam St intersection – Southern half - 16 – 19 March.
• Antigua/St Asaph St intersection – Eastern half - 23 – 26 March.

“These well-used intersections need replacing. We’re completely digging them out and rebuilding them to make them stronger and to extend their lifespan,” says Mr Brantley.

“These sections of road will remain rougher than usual until April/May, when the final surface can be laid in long stretches. This will reduce the number of joins required and bumps in the road.”

People are asked to avoid unnecessary travel through the city and to go around via the four avenues.

“The central city is open for business and people will still be able to get where they need to go. Plan ahead and allow extra time as delays are expected.”

Road users are asked to keep an eye out for road signs suggesting alternate routes, listen for radio information and visit www.tfc.govt.nz to determine the best route around town.

Work on Durham St, Manchester St, around Victoria Square and the majority of the Health Precinct will be finished around the middle of the year.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience and please keep supporting central city businesses throughout these works.”



What are you doing?

We’re completely digging out the existing intersections and building new structural asphalt sub-layers in preparation for the final surface layer (to be laid at a later date). Each intersection will be done in two halves over two weekends.

Why are you doing all of the work now?

We want to get as much of the work done as possible while the weather is fine and dry. Good weather is needed to build high-quality road surfaces that last. 

Why are you working all weekend, including at night?

We’re trying to get as much work done as possible before the cold winter weather sets in. By working intensively, night and day and all weekend we reduce the impact of our work on local businesses and the travelling public. This way we impact fewer people.

There aren’t any people on site, why do you still have the road closed?

Some types of road layers need ‘curing time’. This means we have to wait a few hours before we can start work on the next layer. But don’t worry, we’ll be back again in a few hours to continue the job.

Why have you left the road unfinished? It’s all bumpy.

To create a smooth final road surface we need long stretches of road to work on. This minimises the number of joins (and bumps) created by our machinery. We’ll come back to do the final seal and road markings in April or May, probably at night.