Latest update: 04/05/2017

Take a walk around the new central city

When you want to look at the exciting developments in the central city, it can be difficult to know where to start. There is a new map you can download now offering four short walks to show you some of the new places either in construction or complete in the city.

The walks will guide you to The South Frame, The Earthquake Memorial, The Bus Interchange, Victoria Square, The Convention Centre, The Margaret Mahy Family Playground and many other new places, including private developments.

The walks, categorised by area and interest, are perfect for a lunchbreak, an after work walk, or weekend outing. There are lots of places to stop, look, read, eat and drink along the way. They can mostly be completed within 30 minutes, but why not take a bit longer and discover some new favourite places?

The walks are:

  • The Greenway and Lanes
  • Walk to the Heart
  • Welcome to the Arts
  • Family Park Walk.



New central city walking map. Best printed at A3 size.