Te Papa Ōtākaro / Avon River Precinct

Latest update: 06/12/2016

Request for Proposal for North Frame Pedestrian Bridge underway

December 2016

Ōtākaro Limited has issued a Request for Proposal to design the North Frame Pedestrian Bridge in Christchurch’s central city.

Spanning approximately 50 metres and connecting Oxford and Cambridge Terraces, the bridge will be a functional and distinctive feature of Te Papa Ōtākaro/Avon River Precinct, providing direct access to the developing waterfront including the Ōtākaro Orchard community garden, the Edmonds Band Rotunda and the Pyne Gould Corporation site.

“The North Frame Pedestrian Bridge will eventually form part of a functional route around the city for those walking or biking and will be complementary to the surrounding Avon River Precinct,” says Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive Albert Brantley.

"This bridge will be a significant connection between our local food project and the Performing Arts Precinct on the opposite side of the river. Our team sees the combination of this arts space with great food and environmental sustainability as core to the identity of the new Christchurch,” says Ōtākaro Orchard Project Coordinator Chloe Waretini.

Earlier this year a call went out for themes to guide the design of the bridge. The feedback provided suggests it should specifically reflect the fluid nature of the Avon River with its winding curves, the habitat and ecology of the river environment and the connections people have with the area.

Ōtākaro is seeking concepts from a team that consists of, at a minimum, a designer/artist or architect and a structural engineer.

“The Pedestrian Bridge will be a prominent feature in a popular area that includes Victoria Square, Margaret Mahy Family Playground and the Performing Arts Precinct,” says Mr Brantley.

The budget for the project is $3 million with construction expected to be completed around the middle of 2018, alongside Avon River Precinct works.

More information on the request for proposals can be found at the Government Electronic Tenders Service website (GETS) www.gets.govt.nz. Design teams interested in participating have three months to make a submission.