East Frame

Latest update: 03/08/2018

New trees vandalised

August 2018

Ōtākaro Limited is asking the public to keep an eye out for vandals around the new trees and shrubs in the central city, as dozens have been intentionally broken or pulled out over the past few weeks.

“twenty-six trees and over 130 shrubs have been vandalised around Rauroa Park in the past few weeks which is disappointing given the time and effort that has gone into creating this new green space in the central city,” says Ōtākaro Limited Project Manager, Cameron McLean.

Ōtākaro has spent around $10,000 to date replacing damaged trees and shrubs.

“We want these spaces to enhance the reputation of the ‘Garden City’, and while the trees can be replaced, these new areas will never reach their full potential if the trees can’t get established and grow.

With Manchester Street now open to two-way traffic and the warmer months on the way the number of people in the Rauora Park area is increasing, but we will be considering other short-term measures to deter vandals.”

Mr McLean is also encouraging people driving through the new gathering spaces in the South Frame to be careful of causing unintentional damage.

“We have seen some seats and bins knocked out of place by vehicles in the likes of Mataī Common and Evolution Square. This is obviously accidental, and we know it will take time for people to get familiar with these new spaces but please take a bit of extra care if you’re driving in there.”

“Driving through garden beds can cause less obvious problems as roots get damaged and over time the soil gets compacted, then struggles to drain properly.

It’s great to see people out exploring the new parts of our city and it’s important everyone gets the opportunity to come and enjoy them as intended.”