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Project updated: 10/10/2017

East Frame
Project Stage: Construction

East Frame

Pūtahi Whakaterāwhiti




The East Frame will be a new residential area in the heart of the city, built around a large park. It will be enhanced by cafés, restaurants and outdoor entertainment areas.


The East Frame will redefine inner city living in Christchurch and provide attractive choices for people wanting to live centrally. The East Frame is likely to lead to around half again more people living within the four avenues than prior to the earthquakes. This in turn will stimulate other activities and businesses like cafés, restaurants and cultural events – a key goal of the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan.  Visit the Fletcher Living website for the latest information about the new neighbourhood, One Central.


There are two elements to the East Frame Anchor Project: Fletcher Living is designing and constructing approximately 900 townhouses and apartments. Ōtākaro has built the park and paved areas that form the third largest open space in central Christchurch, Rauora Park.


Work on Rauora Park began in late 2016 and was completed in December 2017. 

The first 172 homes (apartments, terraced homes and townhouses) have been completed and construction is underway for the next 68 homes (apartments and terraced homes) in the block between Worcester, Manchester, Gloucester and Madras Streets and 10 units at 212 Cashel Street

Who else is involved?

Fletcher Living was awarded the contract to develop the 900 townhouses and apartments.   City Care JFC Joint Venture delivered the public spaces. 


The Crown funded the development of the public spaces. Fletcher Living is funding the development of the homes.

Ngāi Tahu Grand Narrative

This Grand Narrative (16M file) documents the Ngāi Tahu values, customs and traditions relevant to the East Frame and North Frame areas.

More Information
  • Half residential – half open space

    About half of the 14-hectare area will be developed into medium density residential living for around 2000 people. This will be a community focused and safe environment. Fletcher Living has been chosen to develop the neighbourhood. The Crown has insisted that all homes will be built to high design standards, including Homestar (environmental) and Lifemark (accessibility) certification.

    The other half of the East Frame is made up of streets, open spaces and paved areas. It includes a central park, Rauora park, running north to south with walking and cycling paths, opportunity for community gardens and event spaces to foster vitality in the neighbourhood. The East Frame will be close to many inner city attractions. Commuting within the area and into the city will be easy with shared space walkways and cycling paths, and public transport close by. There will also be convenient vehicle access from adjacent streets.

  • New Neighbourhood

    Fletcher Living was chosen to develop the East Frame residential area. It will design, build, finance and sell the completed development, subject to minimum requirements agreed with the Crown. The development is now known as One Central and has recently opened the One Central sales suite on the corner of Manchester and Gloucester streets.

    One Central will create a range of desirable, connected urban neighbourhoods that are full of energy and spirit, and will showcase diverse urban regeneration.

    With plans for up to 900 homes, accommodating over 2000 people, One Central will cater to a variety of lifestyles and life-stages. The homes will have a strong connection to the city and offer open shared spaces for everyone to enjoy, and a community that balances the ability to live, work and play.

    One Central will be a vibrant, connected, urban community offering a variety of homes to attract a diverse mix of people and cultures. With residents living alongside city eateries, thriving retail outlets and open green spaces, this will be the new beating heart of inner city Christchurch.

    With a range of distinctly different architectural styles and home designs incorporated across the development, One Central homes will suit a variety of lifestyle needs.

    Visit the Fletcher Living website for the latest information about the new neighbourhood, One Central.  

  • Open Space

    The East Frame residential development borders Rauora Park – the third biggest park in central Christchurch. This distinctively landscaped public space is for local residents and the broader community. As well as ample open space, there are cosier areas where people can relax, and feel safe and comfortable. With shared pedestrian and cycle paths, the Rauora Park is easy to move through and around.

    The name Rauora signifies ‘well-being’ in a wider, holistic sense. Rau can mean ‘leaves’, ‘greenery’, ‘many’ and ‘gathering’, while Ora indicates health and wellbeing. 

    The new vehicle laneway that runs down the western side of the 660m-long Rauora Park has been given the name - Huanui Lane, which in mana whenua local dialect means ‘pathway’. ‘Hua’ on its own can mean ‘fruit’, ‘flower’, ‘abundance’, as well as ‘asset’ and is consistent with the notion of community wellbeing intended for this area.

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