Construction Approach


Building these Anchor Projects will have impacts on people in the immediate project areas, in nearby buildings / places, and on road users.   There may be more dust, noise and traffic detours, however contractors will make every effort to minimise these impacts.  

Ōtākaro uses contractors to build the projects.  Ōtākaro and the contractors doing this work all want the work to proceed safely, efficiently and effectively.  A lot of planning and coordination is involved.  There is a complex network of underground services to manage, contaminated land to be dealt with, live traffic to keep flowing, coordination with other projects and service providers, and sometimes unexpected construction conditions that impact on schedules and work activities.  These challenges must be dealt with while ensuring the safety of the public and workers. 

Find out about the construction of specific projects on the Anchor Project pages. 

Supporting businesses 

There is strong sense of progress in the central city.  New buildings and places are finishing and opening all the time. There is always something new to look at and much to anticipate.  There are also businesses and places that returned to the central city soon after the earthquakes.  Ōtākaro understands that the process of building Anchor Projects can be stressful for businesses and road users

Working in front of businesses can make it hard for people to see the business.  Construction may also result in temporary parking reductions, limited access to parking, or the number of lanes available to traffic.  Ōtākaro and its contractors seek to strike an appropriate balance between the needs of road users, businesses and building the projects safely and efficiently.

Ōtākaro encourages the people of Christchurch to keep supporting businesses in the central city affected by construction.  At times it will be better for road users without business in the central city to use the four avenues to travel around the city as it will be quicker. This will also help central city businesses affected by road works to remain accessible to their customers.

Business support sign